Having fun is the best way to learn

Become a scientist for a day experiencing science in the most interesting way: having fun. Because there is no learning without fun and there is no fun without learning.

Education and Public Outreach

Physical laws, mathematical calculations, beauty, complexity, but above all, wonder: the study of Astrophysics is a mixture of emotions.
With their brush of light, celestial bodies tickle our intelligence and curiosity.

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The visit to GAL Hassin consists of two and a half hours of activity.
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Our Activities

Teachers must combine the activity in the Planetarium with another of the following ones, based on their preferences:


Observations of the Sun with solar telescopes equipped with appropriate filters to explain and observe in real time the solar activity. In the Observatory Terrace.


Big eyes to the sky: the telescopes of GAL Hassin, with an introduction of the main research areas, the results obtained and how to become an astrophysicist. In the Observatory Terrace.


In the Solar Laboratory you observe the Sun in a “live stream” (direct observation), and watch the details of its photosphere, with a suitable telescope, the coelostat. To study our Sun closely, to know the fingerprints of the atoms in the outer layers of our star and measure its temperature. Study-work activities (high school students).


Educational laboratories where science comes out of the books and becomes knowledge, fun and excitement. The laboratories are aimed at children and young people of all ages, from primary to upper secondary school, with specific and diversified activities based on the level of education.


Educational lessons about various scientific topics developed in the classroom, which can be requested by the teachers to the staff of GAL Hassin before booking. The lessons are developed in the Ledwall room of the GAL Hassin Museum.


Museum of meteorites and terrestrial rocks with an introduction of the great impacts in the history of the Earth; visit to meteorites exhibits and study of some significant impacts; examples of impactites, fulgurites and terrestrial rocks (sulfur, rock salt, obsidian and pumice); simulation of a large impact on the ground.


Space and space missions: living in space to improve life on Earth; space missions and life aboard the International Space Station with a visit to the Astronautics section. In the GAL Hassin Museum.


Great protagonists in the history of Science: from the story of their lives and their experiments, we explore the results and implications in different areas, taking into account the technological implications also in everyday life. Their stories and the historical period are mixed with the equations and discoveries that have changed human knowledge. In the GAL Hassin Museum.


How the ancients measured time. Among the several exhibits in the park, some aspects related to the apparent motion of the Sun and the stars in the daily, monthly and annual path, together with the study of the Solar System and the stars of our Galaxy are told. The course of this activity depends on the weather conditions.


Observations of the sky. First part: description of the sky in the Planetarium; second part: observation with the naked eye and with the telescopes. Activity on request (afternoon-evening), to be considered separately from the other activities proposed above. Time duration: two and a half hours. This activity depends on the weather conditions.

Educational Proposal for Schools (in Italian)


Stelle sui Banchi di Scuola. The educational proposal for schools (2022-2023 school year). The educational programme that teachers can choose is collected in this document.



Booking form for Schools and Privacy Policy (in Italian). The online reservation must include the choice of educational path: the teacher applying for the guided tour must fill out this editable form and send it to administrative contact Salvatore Norato, amministrazione@galhassin.it, with all the required information including signature and school stamp as per the privacy policy.



This document add additional date(s) to the reservation. Must be completed and attached together with the document “Booking form for Schools and Privacy Policy. In Italian.



FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the development of educational laboratories at GAL Hassin.


If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants.

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