The Mission

GAL Hassin was born in Isnello, in the heart of the Madonie Mountains, as a Center where astrophysical research and education and outreach come together.

Who We Are

Here a sky of spectacular beauty is associated with negligible light pollution, a high number of clear nights and a geographic position southern enough to allow a view of the center of our Galaxy. Features that make GAL Hassin an ideal site for astrophysical research.

But GAL Hassin is not just research. There are children who, from the youngest to the oldest, are its lifeblood and one of the goals of GAL Hassin is to arouse in the new generations the interest in astrophysics and science, together with the curiosity towards knowledge, providing a small but important contribution to building their future. This is the challenge that we try to overcome every day, in direct contact with schools and through an educational method as innovative as possible. A challenge that involves us, even with the general public, open to curiosity, beauty and culture.

This is GAL Hassin: a combination of research and communication.

Sono fra coloro che pensano che la Scienza abbia una grande bellezza. Uno scienziato nel suo laboratorio non è soltanto un tecnico: è anche un fanciullo posto di fronte a fenomeni naturali che lo impressionano come una fiaba.
Maria Sklodowska Curie