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Full day ticket (Jul – Sep)

From1 July to 30 September

Full Day activities take place from 5 p.m. to 7.15 pm and from 9.30 pm to 11:45p.m.


GAL Hassin is closed to the public from 6 September to 8 September.



20,00 €

Kids (5-10 years)

10,00 €

Boys/Girls (11-14 years)

20,00 €

Oct - Jun
Jul - Sep
Full day

How to purchase tickets
After selecting the number of people (adults/children/youth), click on the date you are interested in. The dates available in the calendar are highlighted in blue. This will display the time of entry. CLICK ON THE ENTRY TIME THAT IS HIGHLIGHTED. There may be multiple entry times. If all of the above steps have been followed, the reservation cost will be displayed; Finally, click BOOK NOW.
* Users are urged to check their SPAM folder at the end of the purchase process if they do not find the reservation email in their inbox Time limit reservation payment via PayPal or credit card: 30 minutes.